A Relationship Engine. Smart companies looking to raise capital or become acquisition targets are increasingly turning to FunnelCake’s Content-First Methodology to stimulate, attract and convert deals.

Your company’s success in getting leads for funding and exit opportunities is dependent on your narrative and ability to connect and engage with the people you’re trying to influence.

FunnelCake makes getting the attention of your prospective audiences possible through effective communications (leveraging press as the primary tool) that requires human, non-scripted interaction.

Technology companies are often seen as lead generation market leaders. You can have the best tech mouse trap in the world but if you don’t have a good story to tell then what good is it?


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The Relationship Engine

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Helped iStarter, an Italian incubator for technology companies, secure attendance from 100+ investors to an NYC event to meet with and hear pitches from startups in less than 30 days.

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Raised over $100 million in capital investments and closed over $2 billion in successful exits for clients including Vungle, Dynamic Signal, Unacast, SecurityScorecard, Taykey, Cheetah Mobile, Opera, and others.

Connected sales teams with senior-level decision makers to generate 15% more sales in just one quarter for mobile marketing’s biggest brands.


Testimonials and Clients

FunnelCake is a start-up founder’s answer to driving measurable results in both raising capital and delivering big exits.
— Chris Cunningham, C2V, Venture Capitalist and Serial Entrepreneur
FunnelCake is redefining the rules of lead generation. As an organization, we’ve had little to no success with lead generation so as you can imagine we were skeptical about investing in another program. However, we quickly learned that FunnelCake’s content-first methodology was different and provided a major breakthrough for us. With FunnelCake, we initiated a dialogue using non-scripted authentic conversations with our target audiences, which ultimately lead to a return on relationships and positive business outcomes and significant monetization opportunities.
— Martina Di Paola, Head of Marketing, iStarter
We came across FunnelCake as we were going through the exhaustive capital raising process. As a standalone, we knew that relying on technology to accomplish our goals wasn’t prudent.

While automation technology is undeniably an internal component of every lead generation campaign, it doesn’t have emotional intelligence to detect your target audiences’ individual pain points and customize your communications accordingly.

FunnelCake filled the gap left from technology by putting an emphasis on leveraging human-to-human interactions. It leveraged its team’s skills and knowledge of the latest marketing trends, techniques and technology platforms, which puts them in the best position to plan, produce, manage and publish valuable, relevant, consistent content optimized on a managed schedule and customized for individual channels and audiences.
— Ryan Berger, Founder & CEO, Berger Shop

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